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I know that a lot of my old links don't work. Unfortunately, I've lost a lot of my old pics and files in a computer migration. Happily, most of my stuff is still on Mediafire or MTS2. If you followed a link and want an old file that's not at MTS2, you can find my Sims 2 Uploads in this folder:

Old Downloads

Alternate Link

I'm working on fixing old entries.

More Unfinished Business- Kia Recolors
I made some recolors of Buggy's Kia table and bench for Advent at GOS but didn't get them together in time.

There are 25 miscelanous cushion patterns ranging from colonial to contemporary, 6 striped cushions and 12 wood recolors using Goat's wood done in 12 Pooklet naturals,  Swatches and meshes included. You can also see swatches in the original thread.

Download from the thread at GOS

Direct Download

Advent 2014
For completness sake, Im also linking my Advent gifts for 2014. I thought about putting everything in one post, but breaking it up into chunks made the project more manageable somehow.

Pants Party- Mel/ Sentate Pants with Pixicat heels and Sentate boots; includes teen conversions, preg-morph addition and bright red recolor.

Fantasy- Corset tops from Cynnix's conversion of the TSM swan dress separated, edited, recolored and converted for teens; FR and Cynnix chausses with Yuxi DA boots and recolors in Shadowfell dyes; FR tunics with Shadowfell recolors to match chausses

Toddler Dresses and a Secret Santa Gift
And yet another post of recent crap in the spirit of procrastinating organizing. I did a Secret Santa gift  for Fractured Moonlight and made some toddler dresses.

The Secret Santa gift includes all kinds of stuff like a full-body push-up bra mesh with sexy feet for teens and adults, chain mail skirts with Yuxi DA boots, Liana necklaces for a bunch of bodyshapes and medievalish clothes coversions and retextures.

The dresses are just some 16 18thCish dress recolors for toddlers.

Skirts and Shorts
I posted a teen conversion and a Yuxi shoe swap of some shorts at GOS for the January theme.

They were done (belatedly) in response to a  Christmas gift request at N99.  For the same request, I also did yet another Pond skirt shoe swap and preg morph addition and didn't put it anywhere else, so I'm sticking it here in case anyone else wants these skirts.

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Recent Wishes Granted
I've done a few Wishing Tree Requests at GOS but have been delinquint about updating, and I want them in one place before I forget about them.

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TF Outerwear
I fulfilled a request at GOS to convert some outerwear (original mesh by Petit) from AF to TF.

You can find the download and more info HERE.

A Trade and a Gimp Palette
Working on a project, I found it useful to have Hafiseazale's extremely versatile Skunky Palette as a Gimp palette, so I thought I'd share in case fellow Gimp users would also find it useful. I take no credit for anything; I just sampled the original palette and put it into a Gimp file.

You can get it here.

I also did a trade with LadyL at TBTO and shared some skirts, bedding and recolors of Inge's auto drapes.

You can get it all here.

Finally, A Little Something to Share
I've been working my way back into simming and doing some requests when they spark my interest. FracturedMoonlight on GoS requested morphs for this mesh by Lace and child and teen conversions. I liked the results enough to make some simple retextures that suited my game, so I decided to share them.

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Just Checking In
This livejournal is mostly abandoned as you can probably tell. I started playing Sims again last years and then my graphics card melted (pretty much literally), and it's only now that I again have a computer that can play the game. If I have some stuff to post, I'll post here, and you can get in touch with me if you need to through LJ.


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